Gymea Eco Retreat

This year, I have committed to taking better care of myself not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually especially. Last week we went to Crystal Castle and had our auras read which was an amazing experience. This week we’d decided that we wanted to get a massage. I’d been recommend this place and been meaning to go for awhile and this week we did. The drive from our house to the spa was only an hour and it was so scenic. Both my husband and I in love with the Tweed Valley area, it is much more lush than where we live closer to the beach. The spa included a steam room, a sauna, a spa and a magnesium plunge pool and we had the whole place to ourselves for 2 hours. It was so serene. The spa is located at the foot of Mt. Warning sort of in the middle of nowhere, so there is absolutely no noise at all only the sounds of nature. We tried all the different facilities although I have to admit that the sauna and steam room was too hot for me it already being so hot outside. After an hour of soaking and relaxing we shared a cup of their homemade hibiscus and lemongrass tea before each our 60 minute relaxation massage. The massage was beautiful. I felt so comfortable and relaxed. In fact I almost fell asleep. I don’t think I’ve had a massage since we were in Denmark which is almost 1.5 years ago now. Massages is definitely something I’ll try to get more frequently. Slowing down and taking time to look after myself has been so important to my health. After the massage we had another hour of soaking and we left feeling deeply relaxed. The surroundings at the spa were astonishing. Such a special, hidden gem. I am so grateful we had the opportunity to spend some time there.

After the spa we found a quiet, small piece of untouched nature to have a fruit picnic. Our fruit picnics have become one of my favourite things about our adventures.


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