Having our auras read at Crystal Castle

I have been wanting to have my aura read for so long but I never knew where I could have it done until I heard about Crystal Castle, in fact I heard about Crystal Castle a long time ago and I’ve been wanting to go for just as long even just to experience all the different crystals. When I learnt that you can have your aura photographed and read there too I knew I had to go.

My husband and I went there yesterday and it was the most beautiful experience. Neither of us really knew what to expect at all. I find crystals so intriguing although I do not really know much about them, I would definitely love to learn more. Actually I would say I have learnt slightly more from our visit at Crystal Castle. The location is breathtaking and the crystals are beyond enchanting.

I have to say my favourite part of our adventure was our aura reading.  An intention that I have set for myself this year is to take time to heal, holistically. Getting my aura read was definitely part of that.

We walked in to the room where we having are auras photographed and were fortunate enough have the most beautiful soul do our photos and readings. When you have your aura photographed you sit down in this chair that has pressure points where you place your hands and it somehow measures the frequency of the energy you radiate through your hands which is connected to a camera that places the colours of your energies where they would radiate from based on their source in your hands. I believe that is how it was explained to us. Really interesting. It makes sense too, I remember my grandmother telling me years ago about how we have different points in our hands and feet connected to specific parts of our body.

Once we had had our aura photographed, we had of reading of them as well.

As you can see my aura is bright yellow which symbolises happiness, positivity, sociability, mindfullness, intelligence, confidence and ideas. The orange symbolises being creative, artistic, sensual, expressive, motivated, attractive and charming. The green bit of green on either side of me and over my heart space symbolises healing, teaching, growth, change, balance, self esteem, inner strength, higher awareness and nurturing. I thought that was so interesting as I am definitely in the process of healing more so than even I think and the fact that shows just over my heart space too I believe is definitely something divine.

My husband’s couldn’t be more different. Where mine is completely the same shade his is entirely multicoloured. You can barely see him in fact. The blue in the photo represents peace, spirituality and calmness. The green in the photo like in my photo represents healing, teaching, growth, change, balance, self esteem, inner strength, higher awareness and nurturing. The indigo on the right side of him symbolises awareness of truth, unlimited knowledge, intuition and higher perception. He also has a bit of red or orange which is passion and expression. He has a bright pink circle covering his whole heart space which I thought was so beautiful and couldn’t be more accurate, the pink symbolises unconditional love, kindness and compassion. The white parts around him symbolises oneness, sensitivity, spiritual motivation, spiritual channel and connection with source which apparently is quite rare in aura photographies although it doesn’t surprise me at all that it is visible on his.

I am so glad we had our auras read, I would definitely do it again and definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in a more visual understanding of their energetic frequencies in this present moment. For me, it has provided a reassurance I really needed about who I am and what I need to do which is everything I could ask for. Also I think they are beautiful.

After our aura reading we were ask to pick a crystal from a bowl of different crystals with our eyes closed trusting our intuition. I got a clear quartz one of my favourites, the clear quartz provides mental clarity and is actually one of the crystals that goes with my zodiac sign. My husband got red jasper the crystal of vitality and physical strength. I think we both picked crystals that really represents what we are going through at the moment which I thought was so interesting. Crystal healing is a whole piece in itself though, one that I will definitely write when time is right.

I will mention what else we did on our adventure as the whole experience was incredible.

We did a small reflexology walk walking on these small rocks that massage the soles of your feet. My feet actually felt really tender from all the standing up at work so this was really relieving.

We wrote down gratitude affirmations and manifestations and hung them on the branches of this wishing tree.

We had a cold coconut water in the shade overlooking pawpaw trees, lush rainforest and mountains. I had the lychee infused coconut water which was not as good as it sounded my husband had watermelon water which was soooo good.

We admired these beautiful, enchanting amethysts. They were so infatuating.

And then we had a fruit picnic on the beach on our way home. It was the perfect day.


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