our wedding & about marrying young

Our wedding.

I genuinely thought I had already shared the story of our wedding and all the photos but I don't think I ever did. So here it is, 5 months later.

We got married on Tallow Beach in Byron Bay on the 14th of March this year. We had planned our elopement in all secrecy from both our family and friends. We obviously would've loved to share our special day with everyone but with my family being across the world and the wait with all the planning that goes into a traditional wedding celebration, we decided to do our own thing, not exactly unlike us. As much as I know how exciting a wedding, with everyone there to witness our vows, would have been, our elopement with just us there was so intimate, special and deeply spiritual, I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

The ceremony was in the early morning, right at the break of dawn. We had planned it so that we would begin the ceremony at sunrise however when we woke up on the morning of our wedding, it was raining and thundering outside and we ended up waiting for 30 minutes in the car parked down by the beach just for the storm to pass. We were dry for awhile and then right as we began reciting our vows it started raining again. It was almost like a cleansing, it felt almost divinely planned. By the end of the ceremony we were completely drenched but I have never been happier. Something really relieving and cathartic about the weather, the rain, and the words spoken. It was genuinely the happiest day of my life, of both of our lives.

After the ceremony we went back to the place we were staying at and had a warm shower and then went out for breakfast and spent the rest of the day cherishing our love. It was honestly the perfect day. It even makes me smile just reminiscing upon it, I cannot believe how it's almost been 5 months already.

We had actually gone down to Byron Bay to find exactly where we wanted to have the ceremony weeks before the wedding. We had picked this special place right at the end of the beach surrounded by both the rocks, the forrest and the ocean. Walking to that place on the morning of our wedding we found the shell photographed above. It was one of those moments where I, we, were reminded of our divinity and the divinity of this universe. It was literally the only shell on the entire beach, we didn't even see any small or broken shells not even rocks, only this, as if someone had known we would come and placed it there for us to find.

If anyone knows me or has followed me or my husband for awhile you probably know that I am obsessed with collecting shells and have been since I was a child and that my husband and I have been collecting shells together for the shear pleasure of doing so and as a practice presence with the wonders of this world. Whenever we are walking on the beach and we see special shells, we are instantly brought back to that profound place of awe of the present moment. We always look for a special kind of shell, this kind exactly, sometimes we see none, sometimes we see heaps. They are usually not that large, usually flat and usually orange, brown or dark grey in colour usually a mix. To this day the shell we found that morning is still the largest shell we have ever seen, it is not flat and it is completely pearly white and then light pink and purple around the edge. It is the most beautiful thing. It was such a strange, special moment, we couldn't even believe it and finding it brought us right back to the present moment and out of our minds and it took away all the tension, nervousness and anxiety that we had both felt that morning and everything that was left was pure bliss, love and excitement. It felt so divine and spiritual, like everything on that morning honestly.

About marrying young.

It's strange I genuinely never thought I would marry at all. Most the people who have known me since I was even younger would probably think of me as the last person to commit to anything let alone a person, for the rest of my life, and honestly that was sort of the perception I had of myself as well. It wasn't untrue, I wasn't a very committing person. I preferred keeping my options open, never really truly satisfied with anything. I suppose that is a longer talk really, about something entirely different but I think part of it was that I had not yet awakened to who I was. That is part of it.

After I started awakening to my true self my entire view of the world and values in life changed. My perception of love changed as well. I have to admit though that marriage was still not on the table for me at all. I don't think that is that unusual being only 20 at the time and although I wouldn't say I was cynical about love I was definitely cynical about monogamy which is absurd to think about being married now.

I can't even really explain it. I wasn't looking to get in a relationship at all when I met my husband and 6 weeks after our first date we were overseas together and engaged. I fell in love with him instantly, although it took me awhile to admit it it was obvious to anyone who knew me, we were soulmates. There is no other way to explain it. It was like a reunion, it was like we had already loved each other for centuries. It was almost like it wasn't a conscious choice or commitment it simply was, like everything that we have now was already there.

People are always rather surprised when I tell them that I'm married. I'm 22 now, I was 21 when we got married and he was 26 which is I suppose rather young. I asked my husband last night what he thinks it is like being married this young as a response to some people's perception of "missing out" due to marriage and he told me that to him it is incredibly grounding to be married and really special to have found such pure, divine love so young when some people never find it at all. He also said that we're obviously not missing out as we are simply not preoccupied with what other people might be afraid of missing out on, our values are entirely different. I couldn't agree more. Especially him telling me that he finds marriage really grounding absolutely resonated with me. I have never been able to find stillness at all before being with him both in my mind, body and life. He is my soulmate and I have never felt like this before and I have such a deep reassurance in my heart that there is no-one else I would rather spend my life with. Our marriage and our commitment to one another isn't always easy as it is with any marriage or even relationship, the difference is in how we work through the trouble I think. Nothing has ever made us question our love for one another or our willingness to spend the rest of our lives together. The truth of our love and profound, divine connection resonates much deeper than anything else. I think that's what makes our marriage so easy in fact, even when it isn't, and I feel very blessed to share life with this man. I have learnt more about myself, about life and about love this last year than I think I ever could've outside of marriage or this commitment and love that we share and I couldn't be more thankful.


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