Two days ago was my twentysecond birthday I still cannot even believe it. This year was the second year of spending my birthday on this side of the world and alone with my husband. This year has been transcending. I vividly remember last year, spending my twentyfirst birthday in Bali, reflecting on all of the things that had changed since turning twenty: Graduating from school, traveling the world by myself, gradually returning to the truth of who I am, rediscovering some of my passions, lastly meeting someone unlike anyone I had ever met and embarking on adventures together yet on the day of my birthday last year I had no idea that we would end up getting engaged only four days later on the tropical island of Gili Air and later married. The year of twentyone brought on even more traveling, more growth, in so many ways I feel like twentyone has been restoring balance, accepting and then letting go of everything that has happened in my life of all of the ideas I had of what my life was supposed to look like and who I was supposed to be, learning to embrace change, learning to trust in the universe, to love myself unapologetically and extending that love to everyone around me. Twentyone was a year of gratitude of and excitement about everything that life has to offer but also a year of learning to accept that life can feel overwhelming and that it is alright not to feel alright all of the time. A quote that I read a couple months back that really resonated with me in understanding this was this quote by Osho:

“Watch the waves in the ocean. The higher the wave goes, the deeper is the wake that follows it. One moment you are the wave, another moment you are the hollow wake that follows. Enjoy both–dont get addicted to one. Dont say: I would always like to be on the peak. It is not possible. Simply see the fact: it is not possible. It has never happened and it will never happen. It is simply impossible–not in the nature of things. Then what to do? Enjoy the peak while it lasts and then enjoy the valley when it comes. What is wrong with the valley? What is wrong with being low? It is a relaxation. A peak is an excitement, and nobody can exist continuously in an excitement.”

It stayed with me and reminded me that all is well and I continuously remind myself. Twentyone has been accepting the impermanence of the universe. Twentyone was the year I married the man of my dreams and the love that we share has changed everything in my world. Twentyone was such an eventful year but also a year that eventually initiated a lesson in living slower, living more consciously which has probably been one of the most important lessons of this year. This year exceeding my practice in living slower, more consciously and more present, loving myself unconditionally and selflessly extending my love and energy to others have completely transformed the way I live my life and the way I view the world. At this time I have no idea what the year of twentytwo will bring although I am certain it will be equally as transcending.

We spent my birthday in a beautiful, rustic treehouse in the secluding rainforrest of south Queensland. It was a place unlike any other place I have ever been. It was pure serenity, pure untouched nature. It is an experrience I think I will always remember. We arrived to the treehouse in the late afternoon before my birthday and spent the afternoon talking, drinking hibiscus kombuchas my preferred and cooking a nourishing plantbased dinner together. Then we crawled into bed and spent time reading before we quickly got much too tired. It has to be one of my absolute favorite things to lay on my husbands chest completely engaged in each our book. We lit a lavender incense and placed ourselves facing one another sitting on the pillows on the floor and spent thirty minutes meditating together. That is another one of my absolute favorite things when the meditation bell rings and the meditation is over with my eyes still closed I lay down on my back and place my head in my husbands palms and he will caress my neck and my face before we crawl back into bed to sleep without saying a word, every night and every morning the same, it is one of my favorite things.


On the morning of my birthday I woke up early although I was still tired and I stayed in bed long after. My husband woke up and after tenderly embracing me he got up and lit the fireplace. It was warm under the covers but the morning was cold in the treehouse, the fire from last night had burnt out throughout the night.

He went to the bathroom and came back surprising me with a present that he had brought in all secrecy. I opened my presents on the floor in front of the fire before he made me breakfast.

Then we went for a cold but refreshing swim in the freshwater creek and then a warming shower. It was the perfect morning.

In the late morning we drove down to Byron Bay, after stopping three times my husband picking me three different kinds of wild flowers for me on my special day, another something I have no words for. We had our favorite raw acaí bowls and cashew turmeric lattes for lunch and bought raw cakes to enjoy later along with turmeric kombucha and vegetables for dinner.

When we came back we were both tired. The day had gone really quickly. I talked on the phone with my immediate family who called to wish me happy birthday. Spending my birthday away from my family is always hard but I am so grateful I was still able to talk to them. While I was on the phone my husband cooked us dinner. We spent some time reading in bed then shared the raw birthday cake slices we had brought home and went to sleep.

The next morning I spent doing yoga in front of the fireplace that my husband had lit right as we got out of bed, then he made us coconut turmeric lattes which we are both obsessed with now as the cold season is approaching.

Then we had breakfast and packed up all of our things. Then we went elsewhere. We drove up to a secluded waterfall not too far away on the way back home. I couldn’t ask for more.


I know I know nothing but I am here to learn


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