Living with less

It has been almost a month since I wrote anything, not just on here but anything at all. I try to write intuitively, if I am not inspired I don’t write and I haven’t been and so I didn’t. Just over 3 weeks ago, I think, I traveled back to Australia and right before then I did a piece on everything that I own.

Admittedly my luggage was quite heavy but considering that it contained all of my belongings and that it was still less than the 25kgs I was permitted to bring on the airplane, I think I did good.

This is my experrience of living with less over the last month.

I haven’t spared a thought to anything I don’t have anymore.

I have even cleared out my wardrobe once again because I still felt like I had way more than I actually need. I collected a couple long sleeved shirts along with a long sleeved shirt for exercising, a couple sleeveless tops, one of the two sports bras I had kept, half my underwear, half my socks, a romper, a skirt and a couple dresses. All things that I just do not need and that I therefore inteend on donating, better give it to someone who actually needs it.

I also got rid of the last bit of makeup that I had kept. I hadn’t worn makeup for over 2 weeks when I wore it out to dinner last Saturday and I realized how much I actually dislike the feeling of it on my skin and so the next day I got rid of it.

I definitely still have a couple other things that I am contemplating getting rid of but for now this will do.

I so enjoy just living a more simple existence these days. I continuously, profoundly desire a life more unbound of things and concepts.

Something else I have experienced lately is how severely I procrastinate social media. At this point I am usually preoccupied with being present with what is around me.

I have been meditating every day sometimes once sometimes more. I have been reading. I have been going for long walks in the forest or on the beach. I have been sitting, watching, listening, breathing, quietly, wondering. I have been watching documentaries about nature and listening to spoken words poetry and strangers stories.

I suppose I have not “done much” lately and that has been just enough to make me realize what is true in life. I feel increasingly more reconnected with my truth everyday, leading the life I want to live, becoming the person I have been all along.


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