“Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence”

“Traveler, there is no path, the path is forged as you walk” and so I walk and so I trust that I will end up where I am going. There is no path and nothing terrifies me more than not knowing where I am going but knowing exactly where I am going. So delightful and disheartening to belong nowhere and everywhere.

Something I receive frequently from both family, friends and complete strangers is concern about what I am going to do with my life, what I am going to study or what I will work with, essentially anything concerning in what way I plan to live. Truth is, I have no plan, and contrary to common belief, I do not believe you need a plan to live. In truth, my direction in life stresses me much less than it stresses other people.

Sometimes it is hard not to take it personally when I feel like people I care about disacknowledge my approach to life, but I always try to understand where they are coming from, and I do believe that all the concern I receive is genuine and out of love.

I am not like other people. In fact, I know that we are all different, and I think all choices should be respected as individual choices exactly like we are people. I am not opposed to studying at all, and I have always enjoyed learning, but I just don’t necessarily enjoy the dependency of attending a university at this time in my life. For now I would much rather spend my time adventuring and exploring unexplored treasures of this earth. I would say I consider myself more of a student of life than anything and that brings me such satisfaction. I also respect that to some people attending university is what is true, and maybe my perception will change at some point, but for now that just is not true to me.

I think the reason why I am so reluctant to attend university at this time is that am quite unsure as of whether it will even give me access to what I want out of life. I still have so many places I want to see, so many people I want to meet and things I want to learn. Up until now, I have studied for 14 years and honestly my most valuable lessons I have learnt are from life itself, from traveling, from connecting with people, from making mistakes. I definitely do not think that school is a waste of time and I do not deny that you definitely learn some things from attending school but I do not think it is the only way to learn, nor do I think it is necessarily the most efficient or enjoyable way to learn, and most of all, I think it is individual.

I do not think anyone should feel pressured to complete an education just for the purpose of doing so. I think everyone needs something they are passionate about in life and everyone needs a sense of purpose to feel content in this existence and I think that for some people that is work, and I think for others that is other things.

I do not have many things anymore, but I have an abundance of time, and I would rather that. I have love, I have experiences, I have connections, I have all of these things that makes me feel so alive I wouldn’t trade that in for anything, not money, not materials.

And maybe it is naive of me to think that it is possible to live a life like that, built on the unsolid foundation of nonconformity, but I have always said and stood by that I would much rather be naive than cynical.

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life” – Henry David Thoreau


2 thoughts on ““Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence”

  1. Same here. I feel a bit of pressure from family and friends when I go back to my native land. It’s not surprising, although 90% of people has invisible stamp on their foreheads, by society, how they should live their life. With years it gets even worse – So, are you finally going to university, when you two will get married, what about kids? And I just want to roll my eyes like 5 year-old.
    I like this part . “…my most valuable lessons I have learnt are from life itself, from traveling, from connecting with people, from making mistakes.”
    I’m for experience, see new places, try new things, meet different people. Seize the opportunities. And in some point I believe that I will notice suitable opportunity and direction I want to take.

    You have a lot, because those are things with irreplaceable value.
    Wish you all the best!


    1. So grateful for your comment! It is reassuring to know that I am not the only person experiencing what I am. I read this quote in a book: “Just because something is true to me doesn’t mean it is true to someone else and just because something is true to someone else doesn’t mean that it is true to me” and I never forgot, in fact I remind myself of that quite often. Sending you love!

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