If you don’t know where to start, start with your electronics. How to declutter your electronic supplies

My supply of electronics speaks for itself.

Admittedly I am not a very tech-savvy person but I honestly have no idea how I managed to accumulate so many electronic supplies, most of them chargers and cords of which I forgot the purpose. Worse, I have no idea how I managed to carry all of these with me all across the world over the last year without thinking about clearing it out. To be completely honest, I have actually found myself deliberately avoiding having to open my bag of electronics as I was completely aware of its condition.

What I actually quickly realized though is really pleasant about decluttering a pile of cords is that it is so easy getting rid of things. With other things I have found that I am likely to have some kind of attachment to them but electronic supplies are completely exclusively of practical purpose to me.

And so I emptied my bag of electronics onto my bed and began (obviously my macbook was not in the question)

This is everything. It may not seem like much but to me, being a minimalist, it is definitely too much.

Somehow I managed to not 2 not 3 but 7 chargers for my 1 iPhone and I only even have 2 chords. I think the explanation may be that I have broken so many of the chords and kept the other part anyhow, I am not sure, either way they cannot stay. I kept one charger for EU/Asia outlets, one charger for US outlets and one charger for AUS outlets as I travel quite frequently. You may argue that this could all be simplified even moreso by using an adaptor but for now I prefer this. (I am yet to find an adaptor that agrees with me) One of the remaining chargers I have gifted to my fiancé as he needed a charger adaptable to EU outlets and then gifted the 4 chargers left to my stepfather who said he could use them.

I have 3 wireless chargers for my electronics yet I am always out of battery. What they do not tell you when you insist on purchasing a wireless charger because you know that you often times forget to charge your phone especially is that you will most likely also forget to charge your wireless chargers…………. And so I am always out of battery, still, and have used these only once or twice. I gifted one to my brother as I am hoping he will find it more useful than I did and kept one for myself which I am really going to make an effort to remember charging from now on. Somehow I only had two cords so there goes the last one.

I can never find my headphones. Ever. I am always the first to claim to either my fiancé or my brother stole them or borrowed and never returned them. I found them at last. All 5 pairs of them. I have no words. I kept one pair, returned a pair that I think I must have stolen from my fiancé at a time when I still thought they were rightfully mine, then I gave a pair to my brother who has been borrowing mine for weeks anyhow and still looking for people to receive the last two pairs. (I am very much against simply throwing away and if I cannot give them to someone I know, I will donate them to a goodwill)

I have two different travel adaptors. One for Australia and one for EU/US. They both bother me so much and I have definitely become aware that I need to find some sort of minimalist solution to this. The only issue I have really in terms of getting rid of them all together is that my macbook chargers are some sort of foreign plugin (I do not even know where they would have outlets like that) and I am only able to charge it by using the grey travel adaptor. I use the grey travel adaptor to charge my camera as well. The white adaptor is actually for australian outlets and rarely serve a purpose. I might actually give it away. It is however the only way to charge my macbooks and everything but only if I use the two adaptors together. It is a mess I know. Anyone has a good minimalist solution then I am all ears!

These are my two macbook chargers, a long and a short one. I only actually ever use the long one. I like the short one for its size but the long one is just oftentimes more practical. I desperately want to get a new charger. One that I do not need an adaptor for but they are so expensive! I might purchase one in Australia since that is probably where I will be spending the majority of my time from now on but then again who knows. I might even wait until it is time to get a new macbook.

Lastly, this is what I managed to declutter! It may not look like much but it is actually half of what I had when I began.

This is what I decided to keep: A selfie-stick that I got for free with my iPhone that I have not yet used but I actually kind of like it so I will keep it for a little longer to see if I’ll use it, or else I will give it away; an AUS iPhone charger, a US iPhone charger and a EU/Asia iPhone charger along with both cords that I had since I break them so quickly somehow; My charger, lens protector and USB-cord for my camera; one wireless charger + cord to charge it; my long macbook charger; And one pair of headphones (That I will guard with my life). That is all.


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