3 Day Juice Cleanse // Unplugged Juice

The benefits of juice cleanses are many and many people swear by them. I am definitely one of those people. I have been on a few juice cleanses in the past and it always makes me feel so revitalized and rejuvenated. For me, a cleanse is like a fresh start with clear intentions and as much as I enjoy the cleanse the experrience of coming off it is so special as well. I think, apart from how vibrant juicing makes me feel, my favorite thing about juicing is that I have so much time! Juicing is so easy whenever I am busy because I have so much energy and I save all of the time that I would normally spend on preparing and eating not to mention cleaning up after cooking to and grocery shopping.

When you do a juice cleanse you are giving your digestive system a rest and allowing your body to focus on different processes while ingesting an abundance of vital nutrients that will make you feel vibrant.

Over the last 3 days, I have done a 3 Day Juice Cleanse by Unplugged Juice. Unplugged Juice is the first juicebar in Denmark with 100% coldpressed fruit and vegetables and for me the fact that they are coldpressed is absolutely essential as coldpressed juices contain more nutrients.

Day 1 // 19.10.16

Sleep: 7 hours

Exercise: 30min yoga

Meditation: 20min

9am: 1l water

11am: 100% organic coldpressed Aloe Vera juice (30ml/40kcal)

12pm: Beetroot, carrot, apple, lemon (330ml/240kcal)

2.30pm: Romaine lettuce, cucumber, spinach, apple, mint (330ml/184kcal)

4pm: Grape, orange (330ml/165kcal)

6pm: Orange, apple, sweet potato, carrot (330ml/338kcal)

7pm: Carrot, apple, kale (330ml/294kcal)

7.30pm: Orange, carrot (330ml/284kcal)

8pm: 0,5l water

9pm: 0,5l water

Feelings: I feel completely fine, I have done juice cleanses in the past and from my experrience, the first day is always fairly easy, as you are still sort of digesting what you ate on the previous day. Also I really enjoyed all of the different flavours, I think my favorite was probably the beet, carrot, apple, lemon juice. I have always loved beet juice and I love the sweetness of apple based juices over oranges. Also I added coldpressed ginger to some of the juices which comes in a small bottle alongside the other juices. The ginger comes on the side, so that you can regulate how strong, you want your juice yourself which I think is a really good idea, although I admit that I personally love ginger. In retrospect I should have probably had a little more water but since I wanted to drink all of the juices and I started quite late I simply did not feel thirst.

Day 2 // 20.10.16

Sleep: 9.5 hours

Exercise: 30min yoga

Meditation: 20min

9am: 1l water

10am: 100% organic coldpressed Aloe Vera juice (30ml/40kcal)

10.30am: Beetroot, carrot, apple, lemon (330ml/240kcal)


11.30am: Romaine lettuce, cucumber, spinach, apple, mint (330ml/184kcal)

2pm: Grape, orange (330ml/165kcal)

4pm: Orange, apple, sweet potato, carrot (330ml/338kcal)

5.30pm: Carrot, apple, kale (330ml/294kcal)

6pm: Orange, carrot (330ml/284kcal)

Feelings: I felt good all day, my energy was high and I wasn’t hungry at all however I was really craving solids. I had my last juice at 6pm and actually left half to drink later as I was feeling so full. I meditated right before bed at 10.15pm went straight to bed and passed out completely.

Day 3 // 21.10.16

Sleep: 7 hours

Exercise: 5K run

Meditation: 20min

9.45am: 1l water

10am: 100% organic coldpressed Aloe Vera juice (30ml/40kcal)

11.30pm: Beetroot, carrot, apple, lemon (330ml/240kcal)

12.30pm: Romaine lettuce, cucumber, spinach, apple, mint (330ml/184kcal)

1.30pm: Carrot, apple, kale (330ml/294kcal)

3pm: 0.5l water

4.30pm: 0.5l water

6.15pm: Grape, orange (330ml/165kcal)

7pm: 1l water

7.30pm: Orange, apple, sweet potato, carrot (330ml/338kcal)

Feelings: I woke up this morning at 5.45am completely rested, I stayed in bed for awhile only because the sun was not up yet but went for a run right after sunrise. The run felt amazing and my energy was fine, I did however feel lightheaded when I came back but I also don’t think I’d had enough water. All day I felt good catching up on work until 1.30pm when I had to go to work. I was feeling extremely nauseous fortunately that all went away after having another juice and plenty of water. I felt fine at work and all night and actually ended up not having the last juice of the day as I was feeling so full at 8pm.

Ending the cleanse // 22.10.16

21 juices and 3 days later

Today was the last day of my cleanse and I actually feel really good. I woke up early and rested this morning filled with energy. Yesterday was the last day of my juice cleanse however all I wanted this morning was juice. I made my own apple, carrot, ginger juice and actually ended up drinking juice all day until 4pm when I had a small bowl of pomegranate seeds.

If you are interested in doing the 3 Day juice cleanse from Unplugged Juice you can get it here. They also offer both 6, 9, 12 and 15 Day juice cleanses and offer a guide to which one is the better choice for you. The guide you can find here.

I would definitely recommend the juice cleanse to anyone! I am so in love with all of the benefits that you receive from doing a cleanse like this. It completely resets your body and in my perception is the perfect approach to starting off a healthier way of life.


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