Zero Waste – Yoga: Using a biodegradable yogamat

I’ve been doing yoga for more than a year now I think, somewhat consistently. I remember my first yoga practice in 7th grade as part of my physical education and I was far from convinced. Then I remember doing a few yoga classes when I was in 10th and 11th grade still not entirely convinced. It was not until I attended a yoga class with my beautiful friend Meli in Los Angeles, taught by her lovely friend Arlene, last year in July, that I fell in love. Since then I have attended classes at more yoga studios than I can count on two hands all around the world and loved every experrience. Currently I am back in Denmark and as yoga classes here are quite expensive, I have fallen in love with my home practice.

Up until this point on my yoga journey I have depended on lenting mats from the different yoga studios I have attended. However when I wanted to start practicing at home I had to purchase my own. I found an affordable mat and definitely did not receive more than I paid for. I eventually had to sell it as I was off on other adventures and the yoga mat was too heavy to bring. I eventually got another one, exactly same story. I didn’t love either of them, I hated how they were completely unnatural and artificial they both were, as yoga to me is about connection to yourself and to the earth. After becoming passionate about zero waste and minimalism it was no longer a question for me, I needed a yoga in line with my values, and I have found the perfect one.

I am so satisfied with my mat. The mat is the creme-colored EcoYoga travel mat. It is 100% natural rubber and biodegradable which is absolute priority to me. It is washable (even in machine), it has an excellent grip even sweating a considerable amount (which is key if you are in love with hot yoga like I am) and it is only 1,1 kg, which means that I will be able to bring it with me in my suitcase when I travel. I seriously could not be any happier with this mat.

I use my yoga mat daily for both my yoga- and meditation practice and having a mat that you love makes it so much more indulgent to practice. You will not find affordable therapist anywhere I promise.

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9 thoughts on “Zero Waste – Yoga: Using a biodegradable yogamat

  1. Love yoga!! I need to do more home practice, I usually go to a class. I feel like there can be a lot of benefits by doing it at home by yourself though.

    Thank you for your post!
    Carlee –

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