Organizing and decluttering your phone

If you are like me even the slightest and I think most other people then your phone is probably due for a clear out which is exactly what I did with my phone. My phone is such a source of stress for me however it has also proved very helpful in uncountable situations, from what I have found balance is key and keeping your phone simplified will definitely help. Control it or it will control you.

I have procrastinated doing this for too long already but what a relief to get it done and that is seriously always how I feel. I am continuously reminded that “Keeping up is easier than catching up” such a simple, profound truth and it proves true every time.

So this is my simple approach to clearing out your phone and keeping it clear:


Photos for me meant going through and deleting just under 900 photos and 70 videos. Yes I know. That is a lot. The photos dated all the way back from when I left Denmark initially in March, all of my photos from my travels overseas and most of them photos that I weren’t using anymore. I even had several photos of which I had multiple due to editing and then forgetting about the original. So this is how I approached it, and it took time, but it was so worthwhile:

  • First I went through all of the photos just to see if there were any I could quickly eliminate in terms of duplicates, screenshots I am no longer using, photos I already used etc.
  • Next I went through the photos from the most recent moving backwards, you can do it either way but I found it easier like this, since you do not have to scroll through all of your 7065 photos every time you delete a photo. If it was a photo I no longer needed I obviously simply deleted it. If it was a photo that I did need I either
    • Uploaded them to my website privately or publicly, or
    • Send them to myself on Facebook so I can always retrieve them if need be (This is only in terms of photos that I sort of wanted to keep but that I definitely do not need on my phone)
    • I am no technological prodigy but I am confident, that you can also upload your photos to your iCloud if you have an iPhone
    • You can even transfer them to your laptop or computer and store them on there
    • Or transfer them from there to an external hard drive or dropbox
  • Once you have gone through all of your photos and transferred the ones that you wish to keep, you can safely mark them all and press delete. I promise you it is the sweetest feeling. At least, that is what it was to me. Most rewarding thing I did all week.


One of the, few, fortunate side effects of having your phone stolen or broken as frequently as mine has been is having quite few phone numbers. Actually I rarely text anyone however I definitely know the feeling of storing all of your numbers on your phone or even your simcard and they follow you through life way past the exit of the people to whom the numbers belong. Numbers of old neighbors, old friends, old colleagues, overseas numbers, expired number and numbers that strangers conveniently added to your phonebook on a night of too much wine; numbers that you have used not once. Delete them. I find that this is the simplest approach to an expired contact list:

  • Look through your phonebook by starting from the top and work your way down:
    • If it is a number that you are no longer using (this should be obvious) delete it
    • If it is a number that you still need, edit the name and include both the first and last name starting each with a capital letter so that your phonebook will look neatly organized
    • If it is a number that you still need but that you haven’t used in a while you may want to send through a message just to make sure that you still have the right number


Applications is definitely something on my phone that has been immensely stressful. Somehow I accumulated all of these different apps and I rarely use any of them. None of them are organized. Fortunately organizing your applications is rather simple and straightforward. What I did was just going through all of my applications and first:

  • Deleting the ones that I no longer use, that was old photo editing apps, guided meditations apps that I no longer use among others. And next,
  • Organizing the remaining applications that I do still use frequently but that are hopelessly unorganized. I divided my applications into 8 different categories
    • Social (For anything social media like Facebook, Messenger and Instagram)
    • Productivity (For anything work-related such as notes, iCloud and WordPress)
    • Travel (For anything travel-related like Airbnb, Google Maps and Happycow)
    • Finance (For any apps to do with my economy like my bank applications)
    • Health (For any health-related apps like Strava, Meditation and Cronometer)
    • Photography (For photo-related apps like Boomerang and Canon Camera Connect)
    • Music (For anything music such as Podcasts, iTunes and Voice Memos)
    • Extras (For anything extra, that I don’t use but are tied to the iPhone like Stocks and Weather

It is really quite simple, it doesn’t take long but it makes a world of difference.


Something that, in my opinion, ties in hugely with organizing your applications is organizing your notification center and this is so easy to do as well. To me there is nothing more stressful than notifications. They are addicting. That is literally what they are designed to be. So here is what you do, go to your notification center and look through each of your applications one by one and decide from which ones you need and want notifications and also what kind. This is going to be so individual but for me this means that most of the applications my phone is set up so that I do not receive notifications on my lockscreen or as banners meaning that I will only see notifications, messages and so forth, when I unlock my phone. I think it is so distracting when you are in the middle of a conversation or doing something else to have a notification show on your phone without even asking for it. There is few things so important that it cannot wait until I make time for it. I am the worst at texting back or replying to messages on facebook however I am really good at keeping eye contact and staying present in the moment and with the people around me.


And that is all. So simple yet makes such a significant change.




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