The Storyteller’s Secret

As you may already know I am basically addicted to TED talks, I have watched countless of them on all with different unique ideas and I am enchanted every time. The Storyteller’s Secret by Carmine Gallo is an inside to just why TED talks are so intriguing and the secrets of how inspirational leaders turn their passion into performance.

I bought the book at the airport waiting for the flight from Denpasar, Bali to Bangkok, Thailand as I had finally finished the book that I was previously reading. In the little bookstore at the airport I didn’t find interest in a lot of the books however when this book caught my eye I was immediately intrigued. I bought it and finished it within a week. Needless to say I did not regret that purchase. The book is extremely insightful and inspiring as well. It really brings awareness to how similar the basics of the approach to sharing these unique ideas are which is interesting as you would assume that unique ideas demanded for unique approaches. Somehow, that is not the case. Also it includes an interest insight to the history of storytelling and why we as human beings are so compelled by stories in general.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who has a story they want to share and even more to anyone who feel like they have no story, worth sharing anyway. 

The book is 232 pages and quite an easy read, it is very obvious that the author has been analyzing how to communicate and reach an auditions creating interest and excitement. Also the book includes a concrete guide to how you draft your own story in a manner that will have people listening. 


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