The True Cost

true-cost-memes4true-cost-memes2bThe True Cost

A documentary I have had a desire to watch for long is The True Cost, directed and produced by Andrew Morgan. The documentary is from 2015 and exploring the impacts that the clothing industry has on the planet and the people. I have had the documentary recommended from so many people but it wasn’t until I listened to an interview with Andrew Morgan and the Rich Roll podcast about the documentary recently that I decided to make time to watch it at last and after watching it I encourage everyone to do the same. It really does make you rethink what kind of consumer you are and what kind of consumer you want to be. I always like to think that I am quite aware of how I spent my money, however this documentary definitely still served as a wake-up call. I definitely, definitely implore you to watch it!

The True Cost is available worldwide on Netflix, Itunes and Amazon.


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