Last week I spent in Rome, Italy and now back in Denmark I have found time at last to share it. I spent the week in Rome with my brother and my fiancé and the whole travel was rather spontaneous. We had thought about for awhile to meet up, my fiancé and I, somewhere around Europe and since my brother was off work we decided to travel together all three of us.

The entire week was so eventful. When we arrived my fiancé and I were reunited at the airport since being apart for 4 weeks. My brother and him never even met each other and I am so happy they get along or else the week would have probably felt much longer. We had such a good week! (even though I have to say that it has proven such a challenge to live with two men, if you want a somewhat clean apartment that is)

Rome was a lot of exploring, a lot of people and a lot of pizzas.

It was the perfect destination for us as well in terms of going out, considering that my fiancé and I are both vegan whereas my brother isn’t. For anyone vegan, looking to travel somewhere with someone who isn’t, wanting to share a vacation without compromises, Italy is definitely the destination. It is so easy to eat at any regular restaurant to get vegan accommodation as: Pizza vegetariana (Vegetarian pizza which is vegan without mozzarella), pasta pomodoro (pasta with tomatosauce and fresh basil), bruschetta (sliced sun-ripe tomatoes and basil on grilled bread rubbed with garlic and olive oil), insalata mista (mixed raw salad) and usually some kind of fruit plate and water-based fruit gelato. Also there is always the option to buy produce at the market which is what we’ve mainly been doing for breakfast. The produce in Italy in the summer is so on point, I especially enjoyed the peaches, melons and tomatoes. 

Also Rome in particular has heaps of help and plantbased restaurants on the app Happycow which is an absolute travel essential when you are veg.

For our accommodation we found a beautiful little apartment with a view of the Colosseum and walking distance to everything. It also just so happened to be next to a place where we were able to rent bicycles for two days expanding our area of exploration. The apartment had a little kitchen where we were able to prepare our breakfasts every morning also it had both a bedroom for my fiancé and I and a comfortable sleeper sofa in the living room for my brother.

We saw everything that we felt like we needed to see for our first time in Rome: The Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Knights of Malta Keyhole, Non-Catholic Cemetery, Vatican, Roman Forum, St. Peter’s Basilica, Villa Borghese gardens, Piazza Venezia and of course Via Veneto. However, I would say we definitely mastered the art of “La dolce far niente” that translates from Italian to English as “The sweetness of doing nothing” and spent our fair share of hours in bed enjoying doing nothing. Also I still had some work I needed to do which I was conveniently able to complete while the guys had their daily 2-3 hour evening sleeps.

And now, new adventures awaits



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