TRAVELJOURNAL: Leaving Australia

It hasn’t been long since I arrived in Australia, just about 6 weeks to be more exact. I knew there was a reason for me coming here. I could feel the universe attracting me, something calling me. Though it wasn’t what I thought it was. 4 weeks ago I found the person who had asked me to come here; who had asked the universe to bring me here and just over a week ago, I discovered that he hadn’t asked for me, to come here, to stay, but to take him elsewhere. It wasn’t a question. Divinity. Which is why I am leaving Australia, with him; going to Bali for May and Thailand for June. People who know me knows of my elusive spirit, my irrationality is unquestionable and my inability to commit undeniable; Spontaneously deciding to explore unexplored destinations is my nature but spontaneously committing to spend every awake and asleep hour with a person that I have known for 4 weeks, in any other situation, couldn’t be more unnatural, more foreign than our destinations, yet I feel, with him, I am where I need to be and it is in no relation to our geographic location.

After those 2 months nothing is set in stone. Within those 2 months, nothing is set in stone, either. We have chosen to travel because we are both aware that it is the inevitable, essential next step on our conjoined paths towards absolute consciousness of what is. We plan nothing but to spend the next 2 months enhancing our yoga- and meditation practices, to expand our comprehension of our spiritual connection, to strengthen our communication in always attempting to express the inexpressible, to share love and love of existence; above all to be, and to become, increasingly, aware. That is all.

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