TRAVELJOURNAL: Switzerland 11/3-16/3


Once again I am at the Airport. I have been in Switzerland with my lovely friend Chloé for the past 5 days. Chloé and I have actually been talking for, I don’t even know how long, more than a year. Yet we are both always traveling and never had the chance to meet in person. When I decided to leave Denmark, Chloé was so kind to spontaneously invite me to come stay with her and so I did. Spending time with her has been such a blessing. It has been the polar opposite of Berlin yet equally as uplifting. The last 5 days have consisted of going to the farmers market, hiking, running, we even went thermo bathing in the mountains & also hosted an intimate vegan meetup at the house. Every morning, happy engages over mangoes or melons; Every evening, genuine conversations over rawvegan salads. All so delightful. I cannot wait to see her again in Thailand in just 3 months.

When I went to Switzerland I had no plan where to go next however I knew that I would leave today ideally. Initially I actually thought I was going to London for a few days, if not that I thought of going back to Los Angeles, I even considered Hawaii, Brazil or simply going to Thailand 3 months early. As stressful (yet liberating and exciting to be fair) as it was not knowing I tried not to stress it and instead allow capacity for the universe to guide me to where I needed to go. The next day I received an offer to come to Palm Beach in Queensland, Australia and I was delighted to accept. The details I will share this weekend as soon as I am settled in my new home.



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