TRAVELJOURNAL: Berlin 7/3-11/3


This morning I left Berlin after being there since this monday.

Monday morning I left with the bus from Denmark and when I arrived to Berlin my friend David was kind enough to offer to pick me up. My first night in Berlin was a freshly-prepared rawvegan dinner and genuine conversations. Looking back, I think this natural conversational connection between strangers was the perfect way to start this adventure of exploring.

The next day I took the train to Kurfürstendamm to meet a friend so close she is practically family. We had not seen each other for almost a year yet it felt like yesterday, she still knows me better than any other person in the world and the last 3 days spend with her was a reminder of why I decided to leave and a reminder of the person that I had almost forgotten, for a moment, that is also me. The opportunity to connect over a mutual love of creative creations as art, architecture, vintage, design, photography was everything.

These last few days I have felt so liberated. In her company, I feel like anything is possible. She is one of few people I know who daydream as much as I, and who dare act upon it. Being in Berlin was also a reminder of how much I actually love the culture in Europe. Dressing up and getting ready, perfectly aesthetic and indulgent raw breakfasts, wandering the streets of Berlin, drinking black coffee in the sunshine, exploring little treasures of vintage haute couture from the 70’s in delicate, unique secondhand stores, enjoying wine, enjoying music for what it is, any genre.

For me, these last few days, it felt like the perfect balance and I was able to let go and be calm in what was, what is.

Talking to her was also a reminder of what comes after the travel. How I felt leaving Australia as well. She has lived in Berlin for 6 months now and could not be more excited about going back to Denmark. I can definitely relate but then again right now I am so in my head and so all over the place in my head that I could not imagine going home anytime soon but our conversations served as a reminder that that will change in due time. It is a balance, like everything I suppose.

Last night we sat up until 2.30am just enjoying ourselves, records playing, sharing our love for jazz, for poetry, words and expression. A genuine appreciation of art and expression of thought and imagination is so rare among my familiar relations. Daydreaming like life is limitless. What a treasure that to have her in my life. Eternally grateful.

Next: Geneva, Switzerland


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