Recent experriences with the law of attraction

For the past 3 weeks I have been in my head I have barely been able to think straight let alone write even due to both positive and negative events in my life. A couple days ago I connected with a new person who was inspired by what I had to say and who inspired me to share my recent encounters with fate and experiences with the law of attraction or the power of the mind.

Awhile ago I published a post on the basic theoretical measures of the Law of Attraction and this post will be on the practical. Recently I have experienced just how wonderfully the universe works if you start focusing the energy that you are vibrating. To this day I am still not in a position to explain how it works, honestly I have no idea, the entire concept is beyond my perception but I believe in it and it proves to be true over and over again.

This all started about 4 weeks ago now I believe. I was sitting in the couch with my mother, we were home alone and she was watching masterchef while I was writing, I needed a momentarily break to think and was scrolling through Instagram when I saw a photo of this beautifully arranged plantbased creation posted by the Instagram account of a plantbased restaurant. I told my mother about the owner of the restaurant and how I would love to work in that kind of environment or maybe even more so simply to learn to prepare such aesthetic cuisine. This was something I had thought of for a couple of years however although I told my mother about it, I did not necessarily plan to act upon it and so I didn’t. Two days later the owner of the restaurant befriended me on Facebook. I knew of him because I knew of the restaurant but had no other connection and never seized to make one. Even though I knew what he stood for I generally don’t add people on Facebook whom I have never conversed with, so I messaged him asking how he knew me, turns out he didn’t, it was a coincidence (or what I like to think of as fate, the Law of Attraction) and we connected instantly. The connection changed everything for me, it gradually realized that I had momentarily forgotten my values in life but this was the reminder. Messages became phonecalls that became videocalls, the connection grew stronger and at last we decided that we needed to meet in person which initialized my next encounter with the Law of Attraction.

For awhile I had been talking about going back to California. For those of you who don’t know already, I used to live there and it feels like home more than any other place on this blue spinning orb that I am yet to have visited. Since I decided to leave Australia I have said that if I get lost in uninspiration or unmotivation I will return to Los Angeles. Los Angeles to me was and remains the place on earth where I have felt the happiest, the most loved (even if I was in reality more loved in my hometown in Denmark, the perception was key) I knew since I went there last summer that Los Angeles was where my heart belonged and I was proven to be right. The encounter mentioned above landed me in Los Angeles on Valentines Day and it was all love.

Even during these 5 days in Los Angeles I had little encounters with the Law of Attraction. I stayed a night at a hotel in Beverly Hills and the morning after I decided to go on a walk. I had a sore throat and I didn’t really know the area too well so I took my chances and went out to try to find somewhere where I could purchase a cup of tea. I don’t see anything close by so I walk into this tiny shop across the street and it sure isn’t a place I would normally even consider. They only have two kinds of tea on the menu and I end up ordering a ginger tea assuming it is a cup of warm water flavoured with some kind of a low-quality prepackaged tea. To my surprise I receive a large cup tea infused with freshly ground ginger, squeezed lemon and cayenne which was absolutely perfectly soothing. Upon this pleasant surprise I decide to wander while I finish my tea and on my path I pass a hot yoga studio, yet another something I had been craving upon feeling slightly under the weather and traveling. It looks closed so I pass it but then walking back to my hotel I pass it again and I decide to see if its open, turns out it was, I asked if they did single classes and they did and they had open classes all afternoon. The Law of Attraction. The class completely cured coughing even as the weather shifted and it started raining. Walking back to the hotel I was kind of worried because my phone battery had almost died and I accidentally left my charger at where I was staying prior to the hotel naturally my worry was completely unnecessary as of course the universe already had it figured out. Walking back to the hotel I discover this tiny little Apple repair store literally right next to the hotel that just so happened to sell iPhone chargers and everything worked out perfectly, again. The Law of Attraction. I mean even more than that. It just happened to be Presidents Day on the monday when I was there so my friends from LA and OC were out of school and off work so I was able to spend time with them.

This is becoming kind of a rant and a rather significant one too but I am just so amazed by what our vibrations allow us to attract.

Today I had yet another encounter with the Law of Attraction and although not necessarily preferable I am choosing to perceive it as a blessing in disguise. So three days ago I was talking to my family about purchasing an iPhone 6 my iPhone 5 works fine but is rather worn out and I desired the iPhone 6 for higher-quality photos. I decide to wait as I hope to move to Los Angeles in the near future and wouldn’t be able to use my European phone there. Yesterday I posted on my story on snapchat a video of me saying that I honestly feel like I would get so much more done in life if I didn’t have my phone followed by a photo of myself with the caption “all I do is social media” (I’ve been procrastinating everything lately due to just wasting time on my phone not even paying attention) and today not even 12 hours later while I am once again just inattentively looking at Instagram my phone goes black and it just died, hasn’t worked since.

I mean am I supposed to believe this is a coincidence? Call me crazy but I don’t think so. Feeling so aware these days it’s insane, the power of my mind expanding everyday it is so intense and so intriguing and interesting. It cannot even begin to explain how excited it gets me. Worth losing my phone over. There is a reason for everything.

And so, I have manifested moving to Los Angeles. For love, for friends, for happiness, for adventure, for growth but above everything, always, for me.


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