the Law of Attraction

For awhile I have been interested in the Law of Attraction. I am a firm believer in the power of the mind however believing in does not equal enforcing. A little over 2 months ago I began consciously enforcing it after I read a book called “The Happiness Project” by author Gretchen Rubin which actually does not address the Law of Attraction at all however is based on a similar mentality.

For those of you who do not know already The Law of Attraction is the theory that positive thoughts will attract positive energy and events while negative thoughts will result in the opposite. So virtually shifting your attitude towards life, yourself and your surroundings from negative to positive and thereby attracting that same positive energy into your life. It is a rather abstract concept and initially, although very logical, it can be rather difficult to comprehend in its entirety however the more you start applying it to your life the more awareness around it you will create and through monitoring yourself you will be able to continuously reinforce positive thoughts and actions, conclusively reconditioning yourself and rewiring your brain into thinking yes instead of no.

I started keeping a gratitude journal that turnt into a gratitude jar. I became aware of everything around me, previously insignificant unacknowledged blessing or blessings disguised, all observed through a perspective of positivity and I discovered it to be true that when you feel more grateful you receive more to be grateful for.

I have received so much within these past 6 months and due to another event yesterday I realized that the reason I continue to receive everything I want is simply because I believe I will.  As simple and complex as that it is. That is the Law of Attraction.

A complex that the Law of Attraction inevitably proposes however is whether I receive all I or if I simply desire all I receive. Gratitude is key. If you have nothing but act and feel and love like you have everything: You have everything.

Life is whatever you want it to be.


  1. Visualize what you desire to achieve

To be able to apply the law of attraction, it is essential that you are aware of what you want in life and why you want it. If your aim is unclear your ability to allow it to happen is likely to decrease the same applies to your incentive. I suggest taking time to think about what you enjoy and desire, sit down and write all of your reflections down, you can even make a pros and cons list. Another thing that I personally think makes it more enjoyable is to ask a friend and ask them if they would like to do a vision board with you. For me it is almost like being back in middle school doing arts and crafts and in addition to that it allows you to take your friendship to another stage and connect on a deeper level. If you are already aware of your dreams write them down and in the process make sure to substitute if for when

2. Realize that you already have what you want

This is undoubtedly an aspect of the concept that can be more demanding to comprehend: The creation of what you want from what you already have. An example of this is: If you want to a better workplace, instead of waiting to acquire employment elsewhere become aware of what it is that is making you unhappy at your current workplace and change it. If it is because you do not think that you are challenged enough become vocal about it, offer to help out your coworkers with their assignments or ask your employer for more responsibilities. If you think that you are working too many hours maybe you need to become aware of how efficiently you spend your time, many people (Myself included) tend to spend twice the amount of time necessary to complete assignments because we are constantly allowing ourselves to be distracted by external factors such as other people, social media, worries or noise. (This applies to time spent on completing homework as well!) Therefore even though we are not working consistently we still feel as if we were. Most of the factors that are creating an unhappy environment for you whether it is in terms of your workplace or a different area of your life can be monitored and changed through self-monitoring. Even if it is something that is not realistically subject to change, change your attitude towards it and it will change after all, allowing you to live a happier everyday life.

3. Be positive

Shifting your attitude from positive to negative is essential to the principles of the law of attraction and it ties in with the previous point. Most things you want to achieve in life can be achieved through changes however some things you cannot change. An example of this could be if you generally like the relationship you are in and love your partner but severely dislike something they do or don’t do. Like if you think that your partner is working too much and not giving you enough attention, something that you are not necessarily able to change, change your attitude towards it and shift your focus. Instead of focusing whenever they are working or busy with everything but you, start focusing on the time that they do actually spend with you and you will realize it will allow more of this to enter your life. When you focus on the positive, you will experience that it will occur as if the situation is suddenly predominantly positive rather than negative, even though the circumstances of the situation are the same. The more positive energy you vibrate the more positive energy you will attract and receive.

4. Allow it

This is a rather simple point. In order for something to change, it is vital that you are willing to allow circumstances to change or to actively change them. An example is if you want a partner in your life, you have to allow it to happen by creating the circumstances that allows it to happen, this goes in terms of everything. You have to ensure that you have time; you have to ensure that you are willing to compromise on certain aspects of your life; you have to ensure that you are emotionally available et cetera. It is of essence that you make room for that something that you desire to enter your life.

5. Expect it

In order to achieve what you want it is essential that you believe in it so much that there is simply no possibility that it will not happen. You have to push yourself out of your comfort zone, let go of your fear and simply trust in yourself and the universe. If you want to change your career quit your job and trust that another possibility will occur, if you want to move across the world without anything, except for dreams, trust that you will find somewhere beautiful to live, that you will acquire amazing, positive relationships, that you will get an inspiring job and it will happen. The second you start doubting yourself you are setting yourself up for failure.

6. Be grateful

The last and most important secret to a happier life using the law of attraction is to be grateful. Gratitude is such a simple concept, as it requires nothing that we do not already posses. Gratitude is simply the awareness of what is already making your life wonderfully, vibrantly, passionately, incredibly, extraordinarily worth living. It is becoming mindful of all of the positive aspects of your life as it is in the now: Your family, your work, your partner, your location, what you had for breakfast, the weather, a good book, a weekend without homework, an event, a smile from a stranger. All of those significant and seemingly insignificant aspects of your life that makes it worth it for you to get out of bed every single morning. Be grateful and it will increasingly attract even more to be grateful for.

Like attracts like. That is the Law of Attraction.





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