It seemed appropriate to do a post on resolutions now that the year of 2015 is coming to an end and a new year beginning. To be honest I do always preach that you might as well begin today rather than tomorrow and definitely do not wait for a new year to start before you start whatever it may be. That being said I do not disagree with the first day of a new year being the perfect reason to reflect upon the previous year and to create aspirations for the year ahead. Aspirations breeds motivation and motivation breeds actions which breeds accomplishments which breeds happiness and happiness is if not the ultimate destination of life then the endless journey of same.


Resolutions I have scribbled down for the year ahead:

Do something everyday that you could do nowhereelse in the world

Reach out to someone everyday, close or peripheral

Photograph significant & insignificant moments

Make more eye-contact

Attend a retreat

Share love

Engage in relationships with strangers

Insist on authenticity

Pursue yoga

Keep a gratitude jar

Continue creative writing

Read persistently

Give thanks

Travel to an unexplored destination

Explore unfamiliar flavors

Live wholeheartedly



Happy New Year


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