This is the book that I spoke about in my previous post.

I must say that although I wasn’t initially all that intrigued by it, Big Magic ended up being the perfect book for me to read at this point and time. The book was released just over a month ago and is written by the author of Eat Pray Love – one of my absolute favorite books. I had read remarkable reviews of the book and though the first 100 pages seemed somewhat irrelevant to me, upon reading the last page of the book this morning I ultimately understand the praise.

The tone of the book is personal and informal, in my personal opinion it comes off almost as a mere advice from one writer to another. Aspiring to become a writer myself, the book proved to be incredibly inspiring in a perfectly constructive manner. Big Magic is essentially about the magic behind creativity, it is about unfolding creativity, about the simplicity of creation without fear and the sources of inspiration. Throughout the book Elizabeth Gilbert describes the common struggles that aspiring artists often encounter in their pursuit of creating something extraordinary. One of them being exactly that: the pursuit of creating something extraordinary. She explains how it is impossible to force the creation of something extraordinary, especially when the sole motive is just that, rather she suggests that it is much more constructive to create out of the pure pleasure of doing so.

This was an idea that rightly resonated with me, as that is exactly what I am doing in the creation of the posts I publish on this blog. I don’t necessarily write them for anybody to read and although I am thrilled that people bother to, I write because it brings me joy. Writing calms me down, it centers me and it allows me to grow. That is why I write. In fact, in the book Elizabeth Gilbert expresses that exact same relationship. She explains how that was precisely what she was doing when she wrote “Eat Pray Love”. Her reason for writing that book was solely because it brought her joy, it just so happened to bring several million other people around the world joy as well. That is something that I find inconceivably intriguing about art, how the same piece of art can be so deliberately different to different people.

For that exact reason I would recommend this book to anyone, because even though I am positive that it will mean something different to everyone, I am also positive that, regardless of what, it will mean something. If you are not interested in reading the book, I will let you in on a secret that I have learnt reading the book: all you have to do to be more creative is to create more.


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